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Genuine Japanese auto parts are any spare, replacement, or original parts which are manufactured by or for the official manufacturer. Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and almost every mass-producing vehicle manufacturer in the world is unable to make every single part for every vehicle, so they usually organize the production of or purchase parts from specialist companies for such items as bearings, brake parts, ignition and injection systems and more. If the parts are produced for the manufacturer and fitted to the vehicles before sale, they are considered genuine parts. In addition, replacement parts which are produced by or for the manufacturer and packaged as specifically for their models with a part number are also genuine parts.
It is usually easy enough to identify genuine Japanese vehicle parts as such by examining the sticker label which seals the opening of the packaging or box. The boxes are rarely attractive, as they don't need to look attractive on a shop shelf and are rarely kept after being opened. In addition, they need to be sturdy and strong enough to support the weight of the parts which they contain. Anyone supplied with a box which has its seal broken should make further investigations about the genuineness of the parts inside. It is not uncommon for genuine Japanese car or truck parts to be taken out of their box and then put back, therefore a broken seal is no confirmation of any wrongdoing. However, it is possible that some less-than-honest distributors or suppliers of auto parts decide to replace genuine items with aftermarket or oem spares. This is absolutely wrong and dishonest. always honour the trust which we are afforded by our valued customers. Although we are in business and therefore aim to make profits, we believe that our prices are almost unbeatable. We would strongly recommend that any parts distributors who offer significantly cheaper genuine parts (from Thailand) than our quoted prices should be regarded with suspicion. Although we have the freedom to access and supply OEM and aftermarket parts for sale online and directly from our premises, we always recommend the sale and fitment of genuine car, SUV, pickup and truck parts if at all possible. Likewise, every single part that leaves our car parts warehouse or store packaged as genuine will be exactly that.
Genuine auto parts are produced or authorized by the vehicle manufacturer and carry a guarantee of quality. specialize in the sale of genuine Japanese car, SUV, pickup and truck parts, especially for Mitsubishi and Fuso vehicles. Valuing our excellent reputation in the trade and long-term benefits of customer satisfaction, we at pride ourselves for our total honesty, transparency and customer service. Please contact us for a quote today.



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