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Nissan SUV spare parts are one of our most popular products. Although several other auto manufacturers, including Japanese, make more SUV models in a wider range than Nissan do, we regularly receive and fulfill orders for all kinds of Nissan SUV spares, even for models which are not sold here in Thailand. Being based in the heart of Bangkok's auto parts business district, are perfectly located to source and supply thousands of Japanese auto parts every day. The fact that Nissan have car assembly plants and parts factories just outside of Bangkok enables us to purchase them at the lowest prices, and pass those savings on to our customers around the world. Any wholesalers on any continent wanting to import car parts, especially Japanese car parts or SUV parts, should be aware that most of them are now produced outside of Japan, with Thailand being the favoured location for many, including Nissan. Not only are the costs of producing Nissan spare parts lower in Thailand than in Japan, but also the logistics of managing the factories with Japanese staff, training the locals (in Japan) and shipping the complete vehicles and parts to destinations around the world much easier.
Although the range of Nissan SUV models in Thailand is quite limited, currently only officially offering the X-Trail, this has no bearing on the amount of SUVs manufactured here and the thousands of Nissan genuine parts produced for fitment to new vehicles and afterwards during servicing or repair. The factories supply both the genuine Nissan replacement parts sales network as well as the assembly plants which produce the SUVs along with other Nissan vehicles. Quality control remains as high as one would expect from such a reputable auto manufacturer, due to Japanese management, and is on a par with (or better than) that of Euro car parts.
Nissan-PatrolOur car parts warehouse is permanently stocked with thousands of genuine Japanese car spare parts ready for shipment to our customers who order car parts online. Although our aim is to sell cheap auto parts and cheap car parts, the most important factors are quality of product and service. Nissan aftermarket car parts are available, as are OEM Nissan parts, but we specialize in genuine parts direct from Nissan at the lowest prices. Franchised Nissan dealers, such as the local Nissan service center, and parts suppliers all around the world are restricted in the parts which they are able to sell as well as the prices they must sell them for. However, we are lucky enough to have the freedom to supply any grade or brand of parts we like, in addition to bringing the prices down to the most competitive levels.
Nissan-Patrol1Buying Nissan parts online need not be a risk. We guarantee that every genuine Nissan part is exactly that. Nissan OEM parts are available, and excellent value in some markets, but the savings are often hardly worth it when importing car or truck parts from overseas. In addition, buying aftermarket or OEM parts online does involve more trust between seller and buyer, as there is always the element of 'how good/genuine are they?' We always recommend the sale and fitment of genuine parts over all others. The extra cost need not be as much as some people would believe, especially of bought from Nissan parts suppliers such as The long-term savings are often appreciated when compared to fitting inferior parts. Nissan used cars require parts more often than new vehicles, and we have stocks of most models (past and present). For example, our SUV, Truck and car parts warehouse stocks include items such as Nissan Frontier accessories, Nissan truck parts, Nissan Pathfinder parts, Nissan Frontier parts, Nissan Patrol parts, Xterra parts, Nissan SUV and Nissan car parts. The Nissan SUV models which we feel confident of supplying genuine parts at the lowest prices for are the Nissan Mistral, Murano, Pathfinder, Patrol, X-Trail, Xterra, Armada, Juke, Kix, and Terrano. contact us today for an obligation-free and competitive quotation. We automatically quote for and supply genuine Nissan SUV parts unless specifically requested to do otherwise by the customer.



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