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OEM stands for 'original equipment manufacturer.' OEM parts are commonly sold throughout the motor trade. In most situations, there is absolutely no difference in quality or performance between genuine parts and OEM parts. This is subject to the OEM parts being manufactured by the same machines in the same factory and to the same quality control standards. For years, it has been safe and simple to confidently purchase OEM parts knowing that they are as good as genuine parts. The processes and materials are the same right up until the parts are packaged and sold. While genuine parts are put in colourful and expensive-looking boxes and sold through the franchised dealer network, OEM parts are branded with generic names and sold through independent wholesalers and retail outlets. Although there is always the assurance and guaranteed confidence of buying genuine Japanese car and truck parts, those 'in the know' would normally opt for the less-expensive OEM spare parts, understanding that there is no loss in quality, but the cost is substantially lower.
In recent years, however, the definition of OEM parts has become somewhat less distinct than it used to be. With developing industry in countries such as China, there are more and more products arriving on the market which appear and claim to be as good as the genuine item, but failing in several key areas. This also applies to Japanese car and truck parts, such as Toyota (inc. Hino) parts, Honda parts, Mitsubishi (inc. Fuso) parts, and Nissan parts. There are more and more factories supplying low-price Japanese car parts. Some blatantly and dishonestly package and sell such items as genuine, but this is not common. What is common is the production, packaging and sale of Chinese-made Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi spare parts which are sold as 'OEM' parts. In many cases, these parts are of inferior quality, although the degree of inferiority varies. Some Chinese-made 'OEM' parts are of a high standard, but many fall well-short of what is acceptable in a Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi or Honda passenger or commercial vehicle. Fitting inferior parts will save money in the short term, but can cause expensive damage in the mid and long term. It is worth pointing out that items made in Thailand are almost always of the best quality. Japanese manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan and Toyota, actually produce genuine parts and vehicles in Thailand. Not only does this mean that genuine Toyota parts, genuine Honda parts, genuine Mitsubishi parts and genuine Nissan parts are made in Thailand, but also that many of the OEM factories are based in Thailand. Geographically, Thailand and China may be neighbours, but in terms of vehicle spare parts quality they are very far apart.
We at are absolutely honest in every part we supply, be it part of a large wholesale order or a small retail sale. We predominantly supply genuine Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda and Nissan spare parts, including Hino and Fuso trucks. However, we also offer genuine-quality OEM parts for most of the aforementioned vehicles. For customers in the market for high-quality Chinese-made parts for Honda and Nissan passenger cars and Toyota and Mitsubishi passenger cars and commercial vehicles, we can supply to order. However, we specialize in genuine parts, with some of our customers regularly opting for OEM, or even a mixture. We always quote for genuine Japanese parts unless we are specifically requested to do otherwise.



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