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Toyota SUVs are among the most popular in the world. From the vast Mega Cruiser to the fashionable Rav4 that began life in the 1990s, there is a Toyota SUV to suit every need, style, size and budget. Due to the amount and type of use that many Toyota SUVs have to endure at the hands of their owners and drivers, there is a very active market for Toyota SUV spare and replacement parts. Here at we pride ourselves on having not only a huge supply of Toyota SUV spares in our auto parts warehouse, but also the knowledge, experience, honesty, and service-minded attitude to quote for and supply the cheapest Toyota SUV parts for export to anywhere in the world.
toyota-suv3There are more than a dozen different SUV models made by Toyota in factories all over the world. Each one is designed for its specific market, sector, or type of use. Models such as the Toyota 4runner, FJ cruiser, Rav4, Land Cruiser, Prado, Tacoma, Tundra, Sequioa, Harrier, Surf, Kluger, and Highlander are the main models made in recent years. One of the most popular Toyota SUVs nowadays is the Toyota Fortuner (also known as the Toyota SW4). It is a mid-sized SUV that is rugged, comfortable, reliable, and within the budget of regular sedan cars, due to it being based on the Hilux pickup truck. It was originally designed and built in a joint Thai-Japanese venture, and only assembled here in Thailand. toyota-suvHowever, its enormous success has seen this production expand, with the facelift models designed in Australia. It was an instant hit as a value SUV, which raised the game among competitors. It was also considerably more passenger-vehicle-like when compared to its predecessor, the 4Runner, which looked too much like an amateur attempt at converting a pickup into a passenger SUV. As well as here in Thailand, the Toyota Fortuner sells well in Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Venezuela, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, and Jamaica. In non-Fortuner Markets, the most common Toyota mid-size SUVs are the new 4Runner, the Hilux Surf, and the Land Cruiser Prado.
toyota-suv2Originally, Toyota only manufactured their vehicles in Japan, but for financial and logistical reasons they also assemble them in countries all over the world, including Thailand. In fact, Thailand is one of the best locations for the production and assembly of Toyota vehicles and auto spare parts. It is ideally situated not too far from the head office in Japan, there are dozens of transportation options via, sea, land or air, to anywhere in the world, and the prices of land, fuel, and labour does not excessively affect production costs. Quality control remains excellent, as it is managed by Japanese staff at all levels.
toyota-suv4jpgAt we consider ourselves to be very fortunate to be located where we are able to benefit from both easy access to the parts at their source as well as the many different options for shipping, air freight and transportation via land to our customers all over the world. In addition to our fortunate location, which allows us to pass the savings in time and money on to our customers, we also pride ourselves on honesty and customer service. Buying car parts online is no different from most other online shopping; there must be a certain amount of trust between buyer and seller, and funds are transferred before the goods are seen or checked. Whereas some online spare parts dealers take advantage of the situation and their customers, only thinking short-term, and maybe supply incorrect, inferior or fake parts in an attempt to make more money on one occasion, we are completely honest and trustworthy at every stage of the quotation, order, sale and transportation of our Toyota SUV spares as well as other Toyota parts and the rest of our Japanese spares for other brands. We would rather make less profit more often and have happy customers, than con or cheat many customers for a one-off pay day. Unless specifically asked to do otherwise, we automatically quote for and supply genuine Toyota parts. However, we also have in stock and access to Toyota OEM parts. Anyone hoping to import auto body parts, cheap car parts or purchase car parts wholesale, contacting us today is a must, we aim to be the first, and last, Japanese parts distributor that you contact.



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