About us is a Bangkok-based distributor specializing in Japanese auto parts. We have access to stocks of thousands of parts for passenger and commercial vehicles from Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota, including Fuso and Hino trucks of all sizes. Although, technically we are a recently-established business, we are an extension of several well-established parts suppliers. We have drawn on our decades of experience in sourcing and supplying Japanese auto spares. Our group of staff in a family-owned and run business have extensive knowledge of every car, pickup and truck and the thousands of parts which each are made up of. Our motto is that we are 'large enough to cope, but small enough to care.' Being based in the heart of Bangkok enables us to have easy access to both the parts from their origins as well as transportation options, such as seaports, airports, road and rail. All of the parts which we supply are for Japanese cars, pickups and trucks, but most are manufactured in Thailand. Japanese manufacturers, such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi choose to produce their original and replacement parts in Thailand, and this is hugely beneficial to distributors such as because we are able to acquire them at the lowest possible prices. This also applies to Japanese OEM spare parts, which are also produced in Thailand in vast numbers.
Our team of staff all have years of experience in Japanese car, pickup, and truck spares. They can give honest advice and efficient quotations on any Japanese spare parts. As official distributors, we are able to purchase stock at the lowest prices, and pass these savings on to our customers around the world.



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