nissanGenuine Nissan parts are any items of original or replacement spares for Nissan passenger cars and pickup trucks. The company is Japanese, which means that the vehicles are manufactured to a very high standard, including performance, efficiency, comfort and, most importantly, reliability. Originally called Datsun, Nissan has produced excellent vehicles for several decades. Regardless of how good or reliable a vehicle is, it will still require replacement spare parts during the course of its lifetime. Periodic maintenance and crash repairs are no reflection on how reliable the car or pickup truck is. Genuine Nissan spares can be bought from one's local franchised Nissan dealer, at prices which reflect both the quality of construction and the route the parts take from their factory of origin. What few people know is that Nissan car and pickup truck parts can easily be bought at much lower prices than franchised Nissan dealers supply them for. And another fact that not many people know is that Nissan Motors manufacture many passenger cars and pickups in Thailand, for sale in markets all around the world, including South Africa. Not only do Nissan produce vehicles in Thailand for export, they also make and supply thousands of genuine Nissan parts. For wholesale and retail customers around the world wanting to import auto parts, the process is often much simpler, quicker and less expensive than they expect. This is especially true for Nissan parts which originate from in or near Bangkok, in Thailand. Being a hub for dozens of transportation options, Bangkok is a popular and busy starting point for thousands of packages each and every day. We at feel extremely fortunate to be located extremely conveniently to source, stock and supply for export Nissan spare parts for almost every vehicle in the range. Almost anything from Nissan Frontier accessories to Pathfinder parts is available from stock at Our car parts warehouse stocks Micra parts, along with OEM and genuine Nissan parts for almost every model in the range. This applies to both current and discontinued models of passenger cars and pickup trucks.
Why would Nissan make genuine spares in countries other than Japan? Well, it's purely down to logistics reducing the time it takes to the Nissan spares to reach the retail market, and the cost of production, which is dependent on land, fuel, and labour costs. Thailand is an obvious choice to produce genuine Nissan spares, as its location allows for easy, inexpensive and swift transportation around the world, and it has the perfect balance of low manufacturing costs and high quality control standards. Thailand is one of Nissan Motor Company's biggest overseas bases for producing genuine replacement parts. Secondly, in countries including Japan and Thailand, OEM parts are manufactured for Nissan passenger and commercial vehicles. These parts are made to the exact same standards as genuine Nissan parts in the very same factories. However, they are packaged and sold differently. Although being the same items made in the same factories using the same materials, they are technically referred to as non-genuine replacement parts, or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, and sold through networks other than Nissan franchised dealers. We specialize in genuine Nissan spare parts for most passenger cars, commercial vehicles and pickups trucks which have been produced in the past twenty years or more. Click on an icon for more detailed information on genuine and OEM Nissan parts, or contact us for a quotation to supply an order of any size delivered to anywhere in the world. Anyone, in either wholesale or retail markets, wanting to buy commercial vehicle, pickup, or car parts online should think carefully about the savings compared to buying directly from their local Nissan service center. Although some aftermarket car parts vary in quality, we have guarantees that every customer receives every part to meet their needs and expectations. All quotations are for genuine Nissan spare parts, unless the customer specifically requests OEM parts prices. Buying Nissan parts online does not need to be a risk in any way, shape or form. Our network of regular customers come back to buy from us time and time again, knowing that the service and products we offer are extremely high, but with the lowest prices. We are able to supply Nissan genuine parts, Nissan OEM parts, and Nissan truck parts, as well as those for passenger cars and SUVs at extremely competitive prices. Japanese auto parts are often unnecessarily expensive in many countries, specifically Australia, where Nissan Motors have tight control over which suppliers can access spare parts Australia imports. For example, Nissan Patrol parts can cost the retail customer many times more than the same parts bought at their origin and transported independently. This situation is the same for many parts in the huge range of genuine Nissan spares. The only way to confirm the exact saving for each parts order is to contact us for an obligation-free competitive quotation to supply an order of any size.



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