ToyotaGenuine Toyota parts are one of our main specialities. Being the largest Japanese car manufacturer and one of the top two or three in the world, Toyota cars and pickup trucks are ubiquitous in most countries around the world. Many consumers are unaware that a huge percentage of Toyota cars, pickups and genuine Toyota spares are actually manufactured in a Toyota factory in countries outside of Japan. There are several reasons for this, all of which are logistical or financial, often both. Many local markets give tax incentives for locally-made products, or actually charge levies for imported goods. In addition, labour costs, fuel and property all contribute to the cost of manufacturing such items as Toyota genuine and OEM spare parts. Logistically, items coming from Japan are far less convenient than those produced in countries nearer to their target markets.
We at stock and supply a whole range of Toyota spare parts for dozens of different vehicles for markets all around the world, particularly, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. The most popular vehicles in our local market are the Toyota Yaris, Vios, Altis, and Camry for regular passenger cars. Multi-seat vehicles include the Toyota Commuter minivan, and the Innova and Avanza. The sturdy, practical and comfortable Toyota HiLux Vigo pickup trucks are available in many combinations of cab, drivetrain and engine. SUVs (sport utility vehicles) are also becoming increasingly popular for their safety and practicality. The Toyota Fortuner is a pickup-based SUV which is sold around the world and known by other names such as the SW4. And one must forget the original Toyota SUV, the Land Cruiser.
Both wholesale and retail customers looking to buy the lowest-priced genuine Toyota parts online will soon discover that most of the parts are interchangeable between models in the range (checking the genuine Toyota part number will confirm this). Admittedly, a set of Camry floor mats, for example, will obviously not be made to fit other models in the range, but manufacturers of Japanese car parts are no different from those producing European car parts; this interchangeability is vital to reduce the range of spare parts used in the company's vehicles as well as minimizing R&D costs. The same engine and chassis parts are commonly used in many different models, even spanning passenger cars, SUVs and trucks. These vehicles may look and feel different to one another, but there are many more similarities than the showroom salesman would have customers believe. This even goes as far as Lexus and Toyota car parts being identical in some situations. Although do not supply Toyota spare parts for every model available around the world, we have in stock (and access to) a huge range of genuine, OEM and aftermarket car parts for Toyota vehicles. For example, Prius parts, Prius accessories, Camry accessories, TRD wheels, and other TRD parts to name just a few. We can supply genuine discount body parts and OEM Toyota parts for many vehicles in the range. Among these, Toyota Hilux parts are among our most popular items. Toyota trucks parts are often referred to as Hino parts, which we also have in stock. Other popular items which are commonly sold due to the vehicles' popularity rather than any reliability issues are Land Cruiser parts, Toyota Corolla parts,



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