How do I find out the price?

Just ask us. It is impossible to put prices in three different categories (genuine, OEM1 and OEM2) on the tens of thousands of parts we stock, and make it easy to use online. Also, we don't stock every part for every vehicle in every market, so we may not have all the pieces you require. Our staff are efficient, honest and more than competent in English and motor parts exports. Please just email us.

How do we order?

Simply email or fax us with the parts you require. We will advise you of the parts prices and shipping costs, giving you a total in whichever currency you prefer. We will confirm which parts are in stock and ready for transportation. Upon receipt of payment, we will immediately put the shipping or air freight process into action.

What are OEM parts?

OEM parts are parts which are as good as genuine parts, but less expensive. They are produced in the same factories as genuine parts, on the same production lines and to the same standards of quality. The genuine parts go on to be fitted to the new vehicles, or are sold as genuine replacement parts. The OEM parts are packaged in simpler boxes and sold at lower prices. They are NOT inferior in quality to genuine parts in any way.

My Mitsubishi vehicles are not sold in Thailand. Will the parts be compatible?

In most cases, YES! It is greatly in Mitsubishi Motors' interests to make as many parts interchangeable and compatible across the range. Although in different markets Mitsubishi passenger vehicles, pick ups and Fuso trucks are named (and badged) differently, under the skin they are almost all the same. Some markets have slightly different specifications for styling, local laws or local climates. It's quite simple; if the part numbers match, the parts are exactly the same.

What methods of payment are there?

We are in the process of setting up PayPal facilities, and of course accept bank transfers and all major credit cards. Bank cheques and banker's drafts are also an option but it the customer's responsibility to be aware of charges and exchange rate fluctuations.



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