New L200 Mitsubishi pickup

2015-mitsubishi-triton-l200-introNew in 2015 is Mitsubishi’s 5th generation of the all-conquering L200 Triton pickup truck. Now with even more safety & comfort features, and improved performance & economy, the latest addition to the Mitsubishi family is guaranteed to be a best seller.

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Choosing Which Kind of Parts You Need

What-kind-of-parts-introHow to choose which type of spare part for a car or truck can sometimes be more difficult than you may expect. Almost all of the goods which we sell are new and genuine Mitsubishi or Fuso replacement parts. However, new OEM and even secondhand genuine parts are available upon request. The choice is always the customer’s, but we will give the best advice at all times.

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Indonesia’s Ambitious Attempt To Take Thailand’s ASEAN Vehicle & Parts Production Throne

Five of the ten countries which make up ASEAN (the Association of South East Asian Nations) have car manufacturing facilities, with Thailand by far the largest. The vehicles, as well as genuine parts, are produced for domestic markets and export. Japanese brands lead the way, but Thailand has up to 18 different manufacturers using it as a hub. Can Indonesia continue to grow and compete with Thailand? Probably not for some time.

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Why Mitsubishi & Fuso Produce Vehicles & Spares in Thailand

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to know where an item or product comes from. Corporate takeovers and international companies with English names mean identifying an item’s origin is hard enough. Even well-known brands produce their goods outside of their homelands. Motor spares, and even complete vehicles are a good example of such practice.

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Comparing caring for cars in the past to nowadays’

The modern motor car has changed a great deal. They are now more comfortable, efficient and complex. In contrast to the past, when home repairs could be undertaken, servicing must now be done by professionals. So how can owners save money on running a car? For modern cars just out of warranty, buying genuine parts from sources other than a main dealer is a way of saving costs but keeping standards high.

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