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Some of the most respected car manufacturers in the world come from Japan, and among them Honda top many people's lists. Honda's reputation for technology, safety, performance, frugal economy and, most importantly, reliability ensures that the vehicles have a very loyal fan and customer base. They hold their value, too. Honda used cars sell well for prices not much lower than they originally cost in the showroom. These remarkable cars are able to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres with few or no mechanical breakdowns. However, things do go wrong from time to time, and along with the occasional accident and routine maintenance there is a thriving market for Honda original parts.
Honda-BrioNormally, in the first few years of any Honda car's life, it gets its parts from the local Honda service center, then as it gets older other car parts suppliers may be where the parts are obtained from. Regardless of the source, Honda genuine parts are always manufactured to extremely high standards, in keeping with the company's reputation and quality control. In the beginning, Honda cars and their parts were only built in Japan, but in today's global market, the company now oversees production in several other locations around the world, including Ayuthaya in Thailand. Honda-CivicThese Japanese-run factories do not cut any corners on quality, but are able to produce the parts and assemble the cars at considerably lower costs than they could in their homeland. In addition, transport from places such as Thailand is also cheaper and quicker than it is from the islands of Japan.
new-Honda-CivicSomething a lot of people may also not know is that the production of Honda auto parts is not always done by Honda Items such as bearings, batteries, gaskets, and injection and ignition systems are often manufactured by specialist companies then the parts are bought and fitted by Honda in the official assembly factories. Because of the various factories and countries involved in the production of genuine Honda parts, the word 'genuine' becomes a bit diluted or difficult to comprehend. This can become even more confusing when the phrase Honda OEM parts is mentioned. OEM parts are basically exactly the same as genuine parts, but when they leave the production line they are packaged in different boxes and sold through different sales networks. In order to protect the profits of its franchised main dealers around the world, Honda Motor Company tend to place restrictions on the import of genuine Honda car parts, while denying the quality of many Honda OEM auto parts. Although this stance is understandable, it does not help the retail customer or wholesaler who wants to obtain discount Honda parts.
Honda-JazzHere at in Bangkok, we are able to supply genuine Honda car parts as well as OEM Honda car parts at prices which franchised main dealers around the world are unable to match. Without the restrictions of Honda's official sales network and the overly-high prices that the parts are sold for, we can help wholesale and retail customers around the world to import auto parts for Honda cars, as well as Japanese car parts for several other brands at the lowest prices. Our car parts warehouse is stocked with mainly genuine Honda parts, but we also offer for sale genuine-quality Honda car parts. Honda-FitWe do not, however, offer inferior-quality Honda parts, such as Chinese-made OEM or fake parts. These are becoming more common within the marketplace nowadays and there are several less-than-honest auto parts suppliers and distributors who may supply parts to their customers which are not to the standard the customers expect or pay for. is a company with a good reputation which we want to keep, and we are only interested in honest business dealings for long-term and repeat customers. Although we have in stock OEM Honda spare parts, we always supply and quote prices for genuine Honda car parts unless our customers specifically ask us to do otherwise.
The range of Honda cars in Thailand is quite limited, and most of the vehicles are made at the manufacturing plant in Ayuthaya. However, there are thousands of cars and tens of thousands of Honda parts which leave the factories for sale overseas. To save time and money, Honda's R&D department is no different from every other mass producer of vehicles. They share parts across vehicles in the range in order to reduce the total parts list and to keep everything as simple as possible. Regardless of whether or not a car was made or sold in Thailand, and even whether or not the vehicle is still in production, we at are confident that we can supply genuine parts for it. Please contact us today for an obligation-free quotation for any size of order to anywhere in the world. We have the good fortune to be located between where the Honda parts are produced and where they would start their journey out of the country. Our team of experts are diligent, experienced and honest, with customer-service-minded training and attitude. Our office and auto parts warehouse is the perfect size to offer cheap car parts with the best service.Honda-Fit-2 Our motto is that we are 'big enough to cope, but small enough to care.'
For anyone (wholesale or retail) wanting to buy Honda car parts online, aftermarket car parts, discount body parts, or cheap auto parts for Honda vehicles, we feel that we are not only able to offer the best prices, but also an unbeatable service and efficient trouble-free delivery. In fact, for delivery to anywhere in the world, our Japanese car parts' prices compare favourably with German auto parts and other European car parts. Your search for cheap Honda parts or Honda parts online can stop here and now. Our prices and service should make the first and last place you visit to buy Honda parts now. Our Honda car parts warehouse is full of commoly-sold and less-common Honda car parts, such as Acura OEM parts, Honda CRV accessories, Honda CRV parts, Honda touch up paint, Honda Accord accessories, Honda Odyssey parts, Honda accessories, and S2000 parts.

Below is a list of Honda cars which we have genuine and OEM parts for, ready for fast delivery to anywhere in the world.
CR-Z, Civic (inc. Hybrid), CR-V, Accord, Brio (inc. Amaze), Jazz (Fit), City, Stream, Elysion, FCX, Concerto, CR-X (inc. del Sol), Edix, Freed, HR-V, Inspire, Integra, Legend, Odyssey, Stepwagon, Prelude, S2000, Shuttle



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