We at offer worldwide shipping to any country for any size of order. Supplying Japanese car and truck parts is much simpler, quicker and cheaper than many people would believe. We are based in Bangkok, Thailand, which enables us access to the parts at their source* as well as gives us easy and inexpensive options for transportation via land, sea or air from Bangkok's seaport, international airports, and land routes via road and rail.
Our staff are fully trained to offer the best advice for all sizes of order to any destination on earth. We want every customer to experience the best service possible, and we have no preference or affiliation with any particular delivery method or company. Therefore, we will do everything possible to ensure that our customers receive their Japanese passenger car or truck parts as soon as possible and within their budget.
We are extremely fortunate to be located both where the parts are manufactured as well as the transportation hub of South-East Asia. Cross-land delivery to Asia, Africa and Europe is possible by road or rail. Shipping to the Americas is just one journey across the Pacific and equally simple to locations in Australia, Africa, Europe, and the rest of Asia. Bangkok has two international airports which are a central hub for hundreds of international destinations around the world. For genuine and OEM Japanese car and truck parts, Bangkok really is the best place in the world. We appreciate how fortunate we are, and want to use our advantageous location to offer the best and least expensive parts and transportation services for Japanese vehicle spares.
*many genuine and OEM Japanese spares are actually made in central Thailand



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