MitsubishiGenuine Mitsubishi spare parts are our speciality. Although stock and supply a whole range of OEM and genuine Japanese auto parts for other brands, our bread-and-butter products are for Mitsubishi passenger cars, pickup trucks and Fuso trucks. Our team of staff are experts in the parts, their numbers, and in which cases fitting OEM parts is acceptable or not. In addition to having a full and complete range of stock and unsurpassable knowledge of genuine Mitsubishi spares, we also have access to the very lowest prices. Our parent/partner company is a Mitsubishi and Fuso agent (the first rung of the ladder of distributors, wholesalers etc), enabling us to purchase genuine Mitsubishi parts at prices which can't be beaten.Mitsubishi parts are required for fitment during routine maintenance and for repairs, usually after an accident. In some markets, these parts are unnecessarily expensive. Although their quality is undeniably high, the price is often controlled by the official channels which the parts travel through. In addition to us being located right at the source of many genuine and OEM Mitsubishi spare parts, we also have convenient access to several transportation options as well as no constrictions with regards to keeping the price artificially high.Not everyone is aware that, for logistical and financial reasons, Mitsubishi organize the production of many vehicles and replacement and original parts outside of Japan. Thailand is one of the main locations for thousands or spare parts, and several vehicles. In fact, it is the only country in the world which is home to production of such vehicles as the new Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Mitsubishi Triton pickup. Thailand is currently the most productive of Mitsubishi Motors' four manufacturing plants outside of Japan. In addition, the Mitsubishi Triton (L200, Warrior, Strada, Sportero, Storm, Magnum) is Thailand's most successful automotive export. This is partly due to Mitsubishi being the first and largest auto exporter in Thailand. All of the above reasons support that buying genuine Mitsubishi spare parts from Thailand is almost a guarantee of the lowest prices and the best-quality. The only other factor to consider is transportation of the parts from Bangkok to destinations around the world. are experienced experts in offering multiple options for delivering packages of all sizes to destinations all over the world. We offer the most-competitive quotations for genuine (and OEM) Mitsubishi parts in any currency, usually excluding transportation costs, as these vary, depending on the budget and urgency of the customer.We supply customers all over the world with genuine and OEM Mitsubishi parts for passenger and commercial vehicles. Those interested in purchasing truck or car parts online simply need to contact us for a competitive quote or to place an order of any size and to any destination. We specialize in supplying Mitsubishi parts internationally, especially to markets where the officially imported parts are more expensive than they need to be. This applies to Mitsubishi Canada and Australia. For spare parts Australia has certain restrictions for its franchised dealers, causing the prices to be higher than necessary. Normally, when buying spare parts UK customers use online suppliers to source the best-priced goods. In addition for spare parts Brisbane wholesalers tend to shop around online for genuine, OEM and aftermarket car parts. This is mainly because Japanese car parts are prohibitively expensive in certain markets where Mitsubishi Motors Japan controls the official imports of their goods.It is not necessary to purchase from official Mitsubishi franchised agents, dealers and wholesalers anymore because the internet opens up many more opportunities. Those in the market for cheap car parts, cheap auto parts, and spare parts online need only contact us for the most-competitive quotation, delivered anywhere in the world. For example, Mitsubishi Australia may control the official imports of parts, but there are other (cheaper) ways to obtain such items as Mitsubishi Lancer parts and spares for a Mitsubishi Shogun. Mitsubishi wreckers are not necessary, as our Japanese car parts warehouse has in stock thousands of Mitsubishi spare parts ready for sale and delivery all around the world.


lancer6Mitsubishi cars are among the most popular in the world. The company have been making reliable passenger cars for more than thirty years, exporting them around the globe, and now even producing them in countries such as Thailand. Regardless of how reliable the cars are, they will still need replacement parts for routine maintenance as well as crash repairs. We stock tens of thousands of genuine Mitsubishi car parts in addition to two types of OEM parts for Mitsubishi passenger cars. Whether you need a piston kit for an old Galant or a replacement bumper for a 2012 Mirage, contact us for a quote to export cheap Mitsubishi genuine spare parts to anywhere in the world. 


pajero-sportMitsubishi makes several SUVs and all of them are reliable, comfortable, capable off-road, and safe. Originally the Pajero (known differently in various markets) came along thirty or so years ago, and then some pick up-based versions have been released in the last twenty years. The most popular of these is the 2005+ Pajero Sport or Dakar/Challenger/Nativa/Montero which sells in huge numbers around the world and is mainly produced here in Thailand. Finally, there is a crossover vehicle called the Outlander and Airtrek. At we stock tens of thousands of genuine Mitsubishi SUVs parts for most of the models produced over the last three decades. To export cheap Mitsubishi parts around the world is possible for us because we are conveniently located near the shipping and air freight centers as well as having easy access to genuine Mitsubishi SUV spares because so many of them are manufactured here in Thailand. For those who are instead looking for OEM Mitsubishi parts for any SUV, we have access to a huge range and in two levels (made in Japan and made elsewhere). Please click on the relevant SUV image for more details, or just contact us for a competitive quote to sell and export cheapest genuine Mitsubishi spares.


worriorMitsubishi pick ups have earned a reputation for durability, comfort, economy and, most of all, reliability. They have been around for decades and are still going strong. The latest version, called the L200 in most markets, is currently produced in Thailand and has added a touch of style to an otherwise forgotten-about sector in the vehicle market. Nevertheless, however reliable a pick up is, it will still need spare parts for replacement at routine services and after unexpected crash damage. is in the wonderful position of being located in Bangkok, Thailand, thus giving us the opportunity to buy, then export Mitsubishi pick up spares at the lowest prices. The vehicles and most of their genuine parts being produced here is only part of the reason we can offer such great deals. In addition, our location gives us easy access to shipping and air freight options to anywhere in the world. Whether you are after cheap genuine Mitsubishi spares for export or one of our two types of OEM Mitsubishi spares for any pick up, contact us for our most competitive quotation. We really are your best option for the cheapest genuine Mitsubishi pick up spare parts and spares, as well as the cheapest Mitsubishi pick up oem spares and spare parts.



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