The Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is one of the most popular small and medium-sized trucks in the world. Genuine Canter spares are among items that we keep in stock at all times. Fuso Canter trucks are used in many markets, and often have different names, such as the Mitsubishi Colt Diesel. The trucks are totally reliable, but still require genuine Canter spares for replacement from damage or for scheduled maintenance. Here at, we always keep in stock a wide range of Canter genuine spare parts, as well as two levels of OEM Fuso Canter spare parts. For the 6 wheel models, such as the Canter FE, we regularly sell the parts to customers all over and have cheap Canter parts for all of the popular versions of cabs, engines, chassis and truck bed. In addition, we are also able to supply many (but not all) spares for the less common Canter trucks, such as the Canter FG, Canter FH and FI and FR 4x4 Canter trucks, which are also known as the Fuso Fighter. We are conveniently located in Thailand, which is the main hub in and around the production of Fuso trucks and their spare parts. Therefore, we have plenty of access to Canter truck parts at the best prices, along with the infrastructure to be able to easily distribute Canter spare parts to our customers all around. Please take a look at our parts list to see whether the part numbers you are interested are available, then contact us to make an order or ask our helpful staff for the most competitive quote. Please make sure you specify the vehicle(s) accurately and which level of parts you require. Those who do not specify will only be given prices for genuine Canter spares. Don't forget we supply cheap Canter spares.
For markets such as New Zealand, the Canter Euro is the popular model. It's just a name. Genuine Canter Euro parts sent to New Zealand are identical to regular Canter spares, which can be seen from the part numbers. It should be no surprise that 90%+ of Fuso Canter Euro genuine spare parts are totally compatible with Fuso Canter genuine spares. For retail or wholesale customers wanting the cheapest Fuso Canter spare parts, should be the first, last and only supplier to contact. This is because we have access to genuine Canter Euro spares, as well as OEM Canter Euro spares and even aftermarket Canter Euro spares and spare parts.





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