Mitsubishi Fuso Heavy trucks are the largest in the range of what are known as regular trucks. They are normally only sold and known by this name in markets such as Australia, but the vehicles are, of course, used in many other countries' markets as well. Being a Mitsubishi genuine spare parts distributor, we are able to supply thousands of parts for all the passenger and commercial vehicles that are available in Thailand. Therefore, we have in stock thousands of genuine Fuso Heavy spare parts. In addition to genuine Fuso Heavy spares, we also stock and supply Fuso Heavy oem spares and spare parts. Models like the Heavy FP, FV, FS and HD Euro (New Zealand) are the most popular. The engines, gearboxes, and chassis parts are mainly interchangeable between models, thus Fuso Heavy FP spares are mostly the same as Fuso Heavy FV spares, Fuso Heavy FS spares and also Fuso HD Euro spares. We don't have every part for every model, but a quick look at our parts list should allow customers to see what we have in stock. Alternatively, it is often easier to just contact us with the details of the vehicle and parts needed (or better still; the part numbers) for a prompt and competitive quote. Don't forget, for customers after the cheapest Fuso Heavy spares and spare parts, should be the first, last and only port of call.





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